Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I've been slacking here lately with updating my blog, but between work and my cousin coming home from Afghanistan, I've been extremely busy. With that said, this week for WILW is all about my cousin!

We drove down to Camp Lejeune last Thursday to watch him and his fellow Marines fly in. Despite the fact that it felt like it was taking forever to get there and for him to arrive back on base, it was definitely well worth it when we saw him step foot back onto American soil.

He's in the 3/9 battalion, which is also known as one of the infantry battalions.

This would be my cousin with his lovely wife. I must admit, military wives are one of the strongest group of people I have ever met.

Then it was finally my turn to get a hug!

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  1. Such a touching post. You must be so proud to be related to someone doing such a selfless job day in day out.